A Lifetime With Music. 

That title may be a bit misleading. Maybe you’re expecting a blog from a musician? Maybe a journalist? Some sort of performer? Wrong on all counts, so there’s going to be nothing technical or insightful in the near future. 

I’m just a regular joe – wrong side of 40 who leads a pretty normal life. Music has been a passion for as long as I can remember. Lots of it in the home when I was a kid. Found something that spoke to me in high school sometime in 1987 and saw my first live band in 1989. Ever since I’ve spent way too much money and time on music. 

I’ve tried my hand at writing and promoting in the distant past which lead to me making some good friends who share the same tastes – but in some weird oxymoron – we all like things that the next guy doesn’t. 

My aim with this blog? 

Nothing really life changing or dramatic. Maybe something for me to look back on when my memory is failing? 

Sharing some music and bands that you’ve never heard of before or just simply faded into your memory banks? 

There’s been a splurge of “7 songs in 7 days that mean this, that or the other”

How can you condense 40+ years in 7 songs? 

Sorry for the ramble. I doubt any one got this far anyway!! 

One last thing. A message to my parents. 28 years ago you said “I’d grow out of it” – sorry, I haven’t yet!!


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