Death On Two Legs

Tonight’s random track is Queen. Kind of!!

The absolute joy of being the only car driver in the family is having to perform taxi duties at the drop of a hat!!

Tonight was one of those nights as my better half didn’t have her usual lift home so I had the pleasure! As she doesn’t like most of my “noisy $h!t” music I have playing I have to compromise. This evening was a Queen half hour, not that I’m complaining about Queen, far from it.

Anyway, back to the shuffle. Death On Two Legs was originally from Queen’s A Night At The Opera album, released in 1975.

This version is by the San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Heathen. This track is taken from the bands Recovered album – an album of mainly covers and remastered demo tracks. This was their first release after a nine year hiatus. They got back together originally to perform at the Chuck Billy and Chuck Schuldiner (Testament and Death vocalists respectively) charity show Clash of the Titans. If time travelling Delorians are invented or I find an abandoned Tardis, San Francisco’s Maritime Hall on August 11th 2001 would be a destination for sure!



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