The band I have to say I’m looking forward to the most on the Deathcrusher tour is Tampa’s Obituary. Every time I have seen them live they have not failed to impress. Their show earlier this year at the Electric Ballroom was out of this world. No fancy sets, no stage props – just five rednecks with their heads down, delivering a blistering set of bludgeoning death metal.

Florida. The sunshine state – home of Mickey Mouse, NASA, oranges and the Everglades was the hot bed of Death Metal. There really must be something in the water there to unleash so many brutal and evil bands from a small area. The majority of these bands also recorded at the iconic Morrisound Recording Studio with Scott Burns. Pick up an 80’s / early 90’s death metal album and there’s a high chance that one of those two names will be on it!

Three of the founding members – John and Donald Tardy and Trevor Peres – are still up on stage in 2015. They formed in 1984 as Executioner, then Xecutioner and finally settling on Obituary. The first three albums (Slowly We Rot, Cause of Death and The End Complete) are nailed on genre classics. The band went on hiatus between 1997 to 2005. Earlier this year they released their 9th studio album Inked In Blood which is an absolute corker.

The animated video below is taken from their most recent output, and it’s also the last Obituary album featuring long time stalwart Frank Watkins who sadly passed away on October 18th.


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