The final band of this Deathcrusher run through are Liverpool rogues Smeg and the Heads (Sorry. Geek overload – I couldn’t resist!!)

Carcass. Initially a ‘D beat’ band called Disattack on their inception in 1985. When they changed name to Carcass in 1987 they became a leading light in the UK grindcore scene. Lots of similarities with Napalm Death in their formative years (Peel Sessions, Earache Records, etc). Combining a gory and often horrific lyrical content taken straight from medical journals their covers caused controversy over the years for the depictions found inside said journals.

Over time their sound went outright death metal and eventually more intricate with a more melodic death metal vibe – but still keeping a degree of the medical journal style lyrics.

I got to see Carcass locally on their Heartwork tour in December 1994 then not again for another 14 years until their appearance at the Damnation Festival in Leeds.

The Heartwork album is considered the bands big break and lead to them signing to major label Columbia Records but never actually releasing anything with them!


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