Accept My Sacrifice

Alright then, let’s see how this goes! On a train home – well nearly home, got to drive from Derby as the UK seems to think no one wants a train too far north on a Saturday night!

Sitting in first class (only a couple of quid extra so why not?) fired up iTunes and the first track thrown up was Accept My Sacrifice by Suicidal Tendencies.

Formed in 1981 in Venice, Los Angeles, Suicidal (I’m feeling lazy to add the Tendencies part every time I mention them, so please forgive me) were an early proponent of a genre referred to as Crossover, or Crossover Thrash. It basically mixes thrash metal with a bit more hardcore punk, giving you often more punchier and shorter songs.

When I was at school for some reason Suicidal’s second album Join The Army was passed around and swapped numerous times. No idea why, maybe we just didn’t understand it as youngsters back then?

The bands big break thru came in 1990 with the release of Lights…Camera…Revolution! where they became more thrash than crossover. MTV playing You Can’t Bring Me Down definitely helped the album reach gold status.

This track is taken from the 1992 follow up The Art Of Rebellion that saw the band go further away from Crossover and experiment with a bit more funk in places.

This album also features a certain Robert Trujillo on bass. He cut his teeth with Suicidal from 1989’s Controlled By Hatred (where he was billed as Stymee!) through to Suicidal For Life in 1994. Did a bit for Ozzy Osbourne’s band then joined metal behemoth Metallica.


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