We’ve Got A Situation Here

Which other extra curricular band to pick for Anthrax?
For me the obvious one was SOD. The band have played the instrumental March Of The SOD in their set on this tour, and Anthrax members Scott Ian, Charlie Benante and early bass played Dan Lilker formed SOD, but without a bit more explanation regarding SOD that will have to wait.

Lilker and John Connelley, who was vocalist in an early incarnation, are now bringing the career of Nuclear Assault to an end.

Current bass player Frank Bello was in Helmet for a few years, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t record anything with them.

Rob Cagganio left to join Danes Volbeat full time and his replacement Jonathan Donais was in  metalcore band Shadows Fall.

Vocalist Joey Belladonna released a few albums under the monicker of Belladonna. Taking the reigns for 14 years or so in two stints was Armoured Saint frontman John Bush. And being completely tenuous vocalist on the Fistful Of Metal release, Neil Turbin, had a disastrous few weeks as frontman for British thrashers Onslaught on their U.S. Tour last year.

I’ve gone back to Scott Ian. His current side project Motor Sister hit the UK in early 2016 so they can wait. Instead it’s supergroup The Damned Things.

At the time they featured two Anthrax members (Ian alongside Cagganio) Keith Buckley and Josh Newton both of Everytime I Die and two members of punk pop band Fall Out Boy – Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman.

In their short career they released one album in 2010, Ironiclast, and played a bunch of shows. I saw them at their last UK appearance at the Download Festival in 2011. On paper mixing Anthrax and Everytime I Die with Fallout Boy shouldn’t work, but up on stage they were great fun.



Warming the crowd up on the Slayer tour is Norwegian mob Kvelertak (meaning chokehold) – who for some reason I thought were Icelandic. To be honest, if I had the cash and time some of the Scandinavian dates with At The Gates and Lost Society as the openers are more appealing to me.

I missed them in Birmingham, so hopefully I’ll catch some of them in London tonight. I’ve never seen the band, as far as I’m aware, and besides hearing this track on the radio a few times I’ve never listened to either of their albums.

I don’t really know anything about the band apart from the vocalist performs with a huge owl on his head for a song!

This track is from their latest album Meir – named after a town in Stoke on Trent, sorry, meaning more in Norwegian.

The Toxic Waltz

Let’s see how easy this is sitting on a train to London. Tonight is part two for me of the Slayer and Anthrax tour, who will be performing on the Brixton Academy stage. I was so tempted to post another track by each band, but rather than that I’ll look at a couple of bands featuring current members. First up Slayer’s Gary Holt and the might Exodus.

The band was formed way back in 1979 in the San Francisco Bay Area by current Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and drummer Tom Hunting. Holt was the band’s guitar roadie and joined in 1981 and has been the only member to feature on all their recordings. Hammett left for Metallica just before the band recorded their debut album Bonded By Blood to be replaced by Rick Hunlot.

Like many bands from that era they have been struck by misfortune and a revolving door policy. Thrash bands never seem to make it easy.

Bonded By Blood vocalist Paul Baloff was fired to be replaced by Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza, who in turn left when the band went on hiatus in 1998.

Exodus returned with Baloff for the previously mentioned Thrash of the Titans concert in 2001 but sadly passed away in 2002, the band recruited Souza again – only for him to leave in 2004 and to be replaced by Rob Dukes who in turn was fired for the returning Souza in 2014. Phew!!

There is much debate regarding a fifth band to join the Big 4, Exodus alongside Testament and Overkill are always touted for that fifth spot, I’d rather see the Big 7!

The Toxic Waltz is lifted from the bands third album Fabulous Disaster and is a song about the dancing in a “violent mosh pit” and 26 years later it is still a firm favourite in the Exodus set list.

Live Arena 6

What’s in the diary gig wise this week? As my birthday bash continues I have a few days off work and I’ll be travelling about 460 miles for two shows, then a third one closer to home!

Monday – Brixton Academy. 

Slayer and Anthrax part 2! They were that good it NEEDS to be done again. This is really a bonus show just to break up the trip to Brighton on Tuesday. This will be my first visit to the legendary Brixton venue.

Tuesday – Brighton Concorde 2

I managed to grab tickets for an intimate evening with Anthrax. On their off days as Slayer’s support act, Anthrax have been doing their own club shows, so fingers crossed for a longer set and a few gems thrown in for good measure.

Friday – Stoke, Bunker 13

South Wales metalcore boyos visit the Potteries on Friday evening. Currently part of the legendary Victory Records stable. Supported by local metallers Headpress.


Since I turned 40 it feels like my birthday “celebrations” are getting longer! My 40th was three evenings of gigs. This year it’s four shows in four cities over five days. Last year it was only the one concert, but that happened to be in Spain for Kreator.

When budget flights used to be budget prices the wife and I used to pop off to Europe on a pretty regular basis. One of our favourites was Madrid. The money we saved in the flights we spent on the opulent hotel we use – The Gran Melia Fenix. The main reason for booking a room at this hotel is the location of the cities Hard Rock Cafe. The cafe is pretty much underneath the hotel, obviously not far to stumble after an evening on the Jack Daniels, Mojitos, Southern Rocks or and other cocktails that take our fancy.

Last year was a pretty drunken few nights. The first night was actually my birthday so we had a bit of a meal and when dessert was served I was serenaded with Happy Birthday by the serving staff and patrons. As per usual we were the last ones out of the door at closing time. Just incase we couldn’t gain access to the hotel I tried out the concierges luggage trolley for size!

Night two was the Kreator gig at the La Riviera venue. A great venue and a fantastic set by the band. After the show I met the other half in the cafe for a smaller meal. It wasn’t our intentions to stay so late, but yet again we were the last through the doors.

For a second night I received a make shift birthday cake from the bartenders and we had the controller for the videos that were shown throughout the cafe. Inexplicably the staff forgot to charge us for our drinks so we left a very big tip!!

I’ve posted this track by Kreator as they threw it up on their social media pages yesterday and I’ve never see this video, also Kreator are my favourite German band. Dystopia is taken from 2005’s Enemy if God.

I Love You Love Me Love


Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me….

This is something I’ve been thinking about doing on both versions of this blog – posting the song that was number one on the day I was born.

The song that’s credited as being top of the singles chart in the UK on November 28th 1973 is I Love You Love Me Love. It’s a good song, apparently the biggest selling song of the year with 1.14 million copies sold. It was recorded by a leading name of the early 70’s UK glam rock scene alongside the likes of Sweet, T-Rex and Slade, which is where the conundrum comes in of posting a Gary Glitter song.

For those who don’t know Glitter had a successful career throughout the 70’s and early 80’s then seemed to implode big style. Since the 1990’s he has had various convictions for child porn. Fled to South East Asia, faced more charges, imprisoned and eventually deported. Glitter is currently serving 16 years in prison for indecent assault.

So, do I post the Gary Glitter version? Do I instead post the Joan Jett and the Blackhearts version that reached number 2 in 1982? Then it’s still a Glitter song so is that morally right? If that is wrong then if I wanted to post something like Doctorin’ The Tardis by The Timelords (better known as the KLF) then I can’t, as it samples part of Glitter’s Rock and Roll (Part Two).

Should good songs be ignored by bands or artists that have been involved with indiscretions? In the case of a band it might be one member acting alone who has brought the downfall of the group. What is the yardstick to contrast and compare “offences” to deem not suitable for the general public?

Something a bit more cheerful, or at the very least funny in the next post!


Supporting Judas Priest on their current tour is Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock, basically it’s Michael Schenker with a band going through a few of his better known tracks from his back catalogue.

For those not aware of Michael Schenker the German native of Sarstedt was an early member of rock giants Scorpions (note no The. Just plain old Scorpions!), playing on three albums. Had two stints with UFO and has had various line ups with MSG (Michael Schenker Group, McAuley Schenker Group). With those bands there is quite a back catalogue of songs to pick from over the last four decades.

This incarnation of Schenker’s band features Doogie White on vocals (Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force and Rainbow), Herman Rarebell on drums and bass player Francis Buchholz who both played on Scorpions’ 1979 album Lovedrive with Schenker. Completing the line up is Wayne Findlay on guitar.

This live version of Lovedrive was recorded at the Wacken festival in 2006 and features Michael with his brother Rudolph and the rest of Scorpions.