Dr. Feelgood

Uuugggghhhhhh. Anyone want a head cold? Already had to duck out of the Bane show last night, but there’s no way I’m missing tomorrow’s trip to see Mötley Crüe for one last time. And the tickets weren’t exactly cheap!

I adore the first five albums. They went a bit so so in between, had a bit of a band members revolving door policy at the time. But their last album Saints Of Los Angeles is a belter.

Liking thrash metal and glam metal was a bit of a no no in the mid to late 80’s, but who cares? If it catches my attention then I’ll give it a go. Too many people miss so much by sticking with their tunnel vision views of what the deem to be acceptable and what isn’t allowed.

After tomorrow I’ve only seen them four times, the first one being as recent as 2005. I wish I’d got to see them earlier at the height of their glory years, but visits to these shores were few and far between after the Dr Feelgood tour in 1989. I’d liked to have witnessed Vince Neil 25 years ago to see if he’s ever been able to do it live!! He’s never come across to me as the greatest live vocalist I’ve seen, but an outstanding frontman who has the crowd in the palm of his hand every night.

Having said that though I didn’t hesitate to get the wife and I tickets as it will be a complete OTT night of fire, explosions and roller coasters (hopefully!) With a lot of great tunes to attempt to wheeze my way through!


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