Hopefully I’m heading north to Leeds tomorrow for the Damnation Festival. An indoor event now held over four venues all housed within the the walls of Leeds University.

To be honest there aren’t many bands this year that I want / need to see, which is why it’s a “hopefully going” rather than “I am going”!

The biggest attraction for be is Asphyx hailing from Overijssel in Holland. Asphyx are primarily a death metal band, but later in the their career fused the death metal buzz saw guitars with a few more doom metal elements.

A rare visit to UK soil – but like buses you wait for ages and two turn up together! In a 23 year career, admittedly a very stop start 23 year career, they have only played London twice before (that I am aware of. I’m pleased to be politely corrected if wrong). The first time back in 2007 and their latest visit was earlier this year where they headlined the Doom Over London festival – again in London. Despite a dodgy sound in the Tufnel Park Dome their take of old school death metal was still a crushing end to proceedings.

It’s going to be case of going as you never know if, or when, they’ll be back!

Deathhammer is taken from their most recent album that surfaced in 2012.


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