I Want Out

Next weekend – Friday 13th to Saturday 14th – I’ll be attending Hard Rock Hell 9 held at the Haven holiday camp in Pwllheli, North Wales, the second of my biannual trips to the camp.

Hard Rock Hell is one of a number of events ran by Chic Events, most at this location, but more recently a few others venues. Our other visit is for Hard Rock United in March which now encompasses the heavy side with Hammerfest and their AOR event. They used to be on consecutive weekends, but now all joined together. The festivals are held at the holiday camp during the camp’s close season. A few thousand rockers who stay on site watching live music and drinking plenty of alcohol certainly makes someone some money when the place would usually be closed.

Over the next week I’ll be posting videos of some of the 45+ bands playing I’ll be attempting to see. As with any multi stage venue you’re not going to see everybody, but I’d hope for at least 7 a day!

First up Friday headliners, German power metalers Helloween.

I’ve been listening to this band since I got into heavy music. Their first few release were very thrash metal, but when the Keeper of the Seven Keys albums came out they lost some of their heaviness and became pioneers of the European power metal scene (power metal – somewhere between traditional heavy metal and thrash metal)

I lost touch with all things Helloween after they released the truly awful Pink Bubbles Go Ape and Chameleon albums and vocalist Michael Kiske (once rumoured to be Bruce Dickinson’s replacement when he left Iron Maiden) was fired. I’ve only seen the band live once at 2008’s Bloodstock festival, so it’s time to give them another go!!

I Want Out is taken from 1988’s opus Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt II – the band wanted to release both albums together as a double, but their label said no.


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