MÖTLEY CRÜE – a review



 4th November 2015

When Chris Rea released the single The Road To Hell in 1989 everyone could relate that to a stretch of road close to them. But, as I found out yet again on Wednesday night, the road to hell is indeed the M6 South!

Leaving home 61 miles away from our destination in plenty of time we arrived at what will forever be know as the NEC Arena part way through Dirty Diamonds – just over halfway through their set! We did get to see some of the theatrics that the band is renowned for, a giant Frankenstein monster being created during Feed My Frankenstein, Madame Guillotine made its appearance before the ticker tape and confetti fell for set closer Schools Out.

Alice Cooper Setlist Genting Arena, Birmingham, England 2015, Raise the Dead


After 34 years Mötley Crüe are calling it quits. Tonight’s show is the penultimate show on British soil and they have pulled out all the stops for their send off.

With no record to promote tonight is purely a greatest hits set. The lights go down after a rendition of So Long, Farewell and the band kick in with a double of Girls, Girls, Girls and Wild Side.

Straight from the start you can hear Vince Neil struggling with the vocals, missing lyrics here and there and the falsetto parts not even attempted, but the stage show and the near faultless band detract from the fact. Some of the “tricky” vocals are handled by the two backing singers who pad out the vocals well when used.

The negatives from tonight – an unnecessary Nikki Sixx monologue, a rather boring Mick Mars guitar solo – are soon put to the back of the memory banks when the flame throwing bass sets the stage on fire and the pentagram above Sixx is on fire!

And then there’s that drum solo!! By no means the greatest drum solo ever performed, but it’s not every night the drummer is hanging upside down from the rafters behind his drum kit that is also on a roller coaster!

The main set is wrapped up with Dr. Feelgood and Kickstart My Heart – where Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil perform on mechanical arms sweeping over the front of crowd, before the quartet make their way to the small satellite stage for an encore of Home Sweet Home to bring their love affair with Birmingham to an end.

More positives than negatives overall and an event worth seeing for one last time.



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