Savin’ Me

Hi. My name is jukebox and I like Nickelback.

Next Saturday the wife and I should have been seeing Hanna, Alberta natives Nickelback as their European tour was coming to an end. Unfortunately the whole tour was scraped in August of this year as front man Chad Kroeger had to have an operation on his voice box to remove a intracordal cyst.

Depending on who’s company I’m keeping and if I’m in my wind up merchant mood, I have to say in the main I really do like Nickelback. In the Internet age the band are one of those bands everyone loves to hate. I don’t know too many others who like the band (or admit liking them), but with worldwide sales of over 50 million records sold then I suspect there are one it two fans around the globe.

They know how to write a catchy tune, some of their lyrics can be a bit on the odd side though. But like AC/DC, for example, they have found a formula that works and stuck to it. It’s a shame a lot of people don’t give the album tracks a go as they can do heavy stuff really, really well.

Savin’ Me is one of seven singles taken from 2005’s All The Right Reasons, and the first with ex 3 Doors Down drummer  Daniel Adair behind the kit.

On its initial UK release the album hit a high in the album chats of number 13 before dropping like a lead balloon. After Rockstar hit second place in the singles chart the album found a new audience and peaked at number two in 2008 and is double platinum in the UK (600,000 sales)



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