Main tour support for Sepultura’s UK dates are Huddersfield natives Evile. For many people Evile were at the forefront of the resurgence of the UK thrash metal scene.

It feels like they’ve been around a lot longer than 11 years or so, but I have been watching the band live since they supported Onslaught and Xentrix in Bradford in 2006. If memory serves me right I think Testament were also originally due to play but cancelled.

During that time they’ve released some great albums, recorded their debut offering with Flemming Rasmussen – a name familiar to all Metallica fans! They’ve also had way too much bad luck at the same time. Bass player Mike Alexander died whilst on tour in Sweden in 2009.

Shortly after their fourth album Skull was released in 2013 guitarist Ol Drake quit the band. In September of that year the band were due to play special album release shows for Skull. Those shows finally happened two years later when their new guitarist was suitably bedded in. That release show happened seven weeks ago in the same venue where I’ll be seeing them tomorrow.

Cult is taken from 2011’s Five Serpent Teeth and has firmly become a live fan favourite.


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