The Live Arena 4

Back from a decent, but tiring, weekend away at Hard Rock Hell. Feels like I’m back in the civilised world now – wifi, 4g and phone signal!! First world problems, eh??

Anyway, already looking forward to a couple of gigs this week. First up…

Tuesday – Manchester Club Academy.


Brazilian / American thrashers roll into Manchester as part of their 30th Anniversary tour. I’ve already seen them twice this year and they’ve been superb – hence my third viewing is imminent!

Saturday – Buckley Tivoli. 


That should of read Birmingham Genting Arena as the wife and I should have been going to see Nickelback there, but Chad Kroeger is having vocal chord issues so it’s a second weekend in North Wales to see the metal queen Doro. 

A bit disappointed in not off to see Nickelback to be honest as they’ve been great live every time I’ve seen them live, but Doro is a quite adequate replacement. 


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