Gimme fuel

Gimme fire

Gimme that which I desire


Not that I’ve needed an excuse to post Metallica here it’s just the fact that I will probably post a lot of Metallica here! Yes, I’m a complete fan boy for the band. Have been since I first heard them over 27 years ago.

November 18th 1997 – Metallica’s seventh album Reload was released. Fuel was the third and final single to be released from the album and reached the dizzy heights of 31 in the UK singles charts.

Originally slated as a double album Load and Reload were released in consecutive years and were the follow up to the huge mainstream busting self titled black album.

These albums are much derided by the old school fans, but introduced a whole new generation of fans to the band. As I tap away here in sitting across the table from one such fan!

Tracks like this Until It Sleeps, Hero Of The Day and The Memory Remains are absolutely gigantic when they get a live airing. Fuel opened up the majority of this years European tour and The Memory Remains was a regular addition – the crowd sing a long at the end is phenomenal.

Today also marks Kirk Hammett’s 53rd birthday.

So happy birthday Reload – you are now legally old enough to drink in the UK!!


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