Queensrÿche are one of my all time favourite bands and “Operation: Mindcrime” and “Empire” are two of my favourite albums EVER!

So why wait till track 93 to post them? Well their official videos were on You Tube just before we started this, then all of a sudden they vanished. Once in a while I check it again for the band and today I found this – so make the most of it before it gets taken away again! And I’ve found more, so expect a Queensrÿche fest soon!!!!!

Just crank up the volume and enjoy!

originally posted on Jukebox20 November 19th 2007.


I thought with all this time on my hands I’ll have a look through the ol’ Jukebox20 and see if we posted anything on this day, and indeed we did.


Queensrÿche are still up there as a personal favourite of mine.  They’ve gone through a slight change in recent years – original vocalist Geoff Tate has left the band and gone on to form Operation: Mindcrime after releasing an album under the Queensrÿche name (Frequency Unknown).  In his place for the last three years has been ex Crimson Glory frontman Todd La Torre.  At times he hasn’t been too popular a guy with some ‘Rÿche fans, but having seen him perform live a few times Queensrÿche 2015 sounds more like Queensrÿche than they have done for a long time.  Latest record Condition Hüman is a fantastic release a welcome return to form.


Empire was the original video posted and so it shall still be the one on offer here again, but there wont be too long to wait until Seattle’s finest sons return.



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