Morning, I’m now on a break from work for the next four days – I should have been off for ten days in all, but work called… and I’m that generous!


First song thrown up on the iPod this morning was AC/DC’s highest charting UK single hitting number 12 in 1988.  This was the case for a quarter of a century until Highway to Hell reached fourth spot in December 2013.  The success of Highway to Hell was another internet campaign to keep Simon Cowell’s X Factor offering for the year off the coveted Christmas number 1 slot.  Over here that has been a pretty regular “call to arms” but I’m almost certain the only time that it has been totally successful is when Rage Against The Machine topped the carts in 2009 with Killing in the Name.  As a rock fan though you can’t complain with the Aussie veterans reaching number 4 though.


Heatseeker is the first single and lead off track from the bands 10th or 11th album Blow Up Your Video.  I say tenth or eleventh as it depends of if you count just international releases – making it 10 – or it’s number 11 going on domestic Australian releases (1975’s T.N.T. has never received a reissue on any other label than Albert Records).




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