The Real Me

As I’m waiting for a PS4 to do a system install which in turn means I can’t watch anything on the TV for what looks like 3 hours I thought I’d do an iPod shuffle.

Now here’s a golden oldie – The Who. I’ve never been a huge fan of the band, kinda way before my time and never really released much while I’ve been aware of music.

I knew this song originally as a track on W.A.S.P.’s 1989 album The Headless Children and I was nearly tempted to post that version of the song, but that’d be cheating!

My other connection I have to the band is through the TV programme CSI and it’s franchises. Who Are You on the original CSI. Won’t Get Fooled Again for Miami, New York (my favourite setting) is represented by Baba O’Riley. The latest addition is Cyber which I haven’t watched also uses The Who with I Can See For Miles.

The Real Me is taken from the bands rock opera Quadrophenia released in 1973.


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