Since I turned 40 it feels like my birthday “celebrations” are getting longer! My 40th was three evenings of gigs. This year it’s four shows in four cities over five days. Last year it was only the one concert, but that happened to be in Spain for Kreator.

When budget flights used to be budget prices the wife and I used to pop off to Europe on a pretty regular basis. One of our favourites was Madrid. The money we saved in the flights we spent on the opulent hotel we use – The Gran Melia Fenix. The main reason for booking a room at this hotel is the location of the cities Hard Rock Cafe. The cafe is pretty much underneath the hotel, obviously not far to stumble after an evening on the Jack Daniels, Mojitos, Southern Rocks or and other cocktails that take our fancy.

Last year was a pretty drunken few nights. The first night was actually my birthday so we had a bit of a meal and when dessert was served I was serenaded with Happy Birthday by the serving staff and patrons. As per usual we were the last ones out of the door at closing time. Just incase we couldn’t gain access to the hotel I tried out the concierges luggage trolley for size!

Night two was the Kreator gig at the La Riviera venue. A great venue and a fantastic set by the band. After the show I met the other half in the cafe for a smaller meal. It wasn’t our intentions to stay so late, but yet again we were the last through the doors.

For a second night I received a make shift birthday cake from the bartenders and we had the controller for the videos that were shown throughout the cafe. Inexplicably the staff forgot to charge us for our drinks so we left a very big tip!!

I’ve posted this track by Kreator as they threw it up on their social media pages yesterday and I’ve never see this video, also Kreator are my favourite German band. Dystopia is taken from 2005’s Enemy if God.


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