The Toxic Waltz

Let’s see how easy this is sitting on a train to London. Tonight is part two for me of the Slayer and Anthrax tour, who will be performing on the Brixton Academy stage. I was so tempted to post another track by each band, but rather than that I’ll look at a couple of bands featuring current members. First up Slayer’s Gary Holt and the might Exodus.

The band was formed way back in 1979 in the San Francisco Bay Area by current Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and drummer Tom Hunting. Holt was the band’s guitar roadie and joined in 1981 and has been the only member to feature on all their recordings. Hammett left for Metallica just before the band recorded their debut album Bonded By Blood to be replaced by Rick Hunlot.

Like many bands from that era they have been struck by misfortune and a revolving door policy. Thrash bands never seem to make it easy.

Bonded By Blood vocalist Paul Baloff was fired to be replaced by Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza, who in turn left when the band went on hiatus in 1998.

Exodus returned with Baloff for the previously mentioned Thrash of the Titans concert in 2001 but sadly passed away in 2002, the band recruited Souza again – only for him to leave in 2004 and to be replaced by Rob Dukes who in turn was fired for the returning Souza in 2014. Phew!!

There is much debate regarding a fifth band to join the Big 4, Exodus alongside Testament and Overkill are always touted for that fifth spot, I’d rather see the Big 7!

The Toxic Waltz is lifted from the bands third album Fabulous Disaster and is a song about the dancing in a “violent mosh pit” and 26 years later it is still a firm favourite in the Exodus set list.


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