Pegasus, Pegasus

Well this one shouldn’t take long. Tomorrow night South Wales “metallic hardcore” band Continents play Bunker 13 in Stoke. I have to admit I’ve never heard the band let alone seen the band, but when you’re signed to Chicago label Victory Records you shouldn’t be all that bad. My formative years in the hardcore scene involved lots of Victory releases, but when they branched out from the tried and tested formula I drifted away.

Drifting away pretty much sums up my participation over the last decade or so with the hardcore scene. I used to pride myself on being up to date with bands, releases and tours. I saw all the UK bands in their very early formative days, traversing much of the country seeing the bands and even ventured into Europe half a dozen times with Stampin’ Ground and Freebase.

I began to drift away when it became too cliquey. It used to be so welcoming and inviting but something somewhere changed. Faces disappeared and attitudes went down hill. I’m all for reinvention but most recent bands seem to owe more to death metal than the hardcore roots, but don’t want to admit that. The H-8000 scene in Belgium (Congress, Liar, Length of Time) weren’t afraid to admit their death metal influences and embraced it.

Then there’s crowd killing. I’d prefer to have the option to stand and watch, rather than have to keep an eye on flailing limbs coming at you from all angles. Maybe it’s an age thing? I’d rather keep my hard earned cash to myself if that’s the case. I’ve picked up on a few newer bands, but nowhere as in depth as the mid to late 90’s

Anyway, rant over. I’m off to find Continents on Spotify and be the grumpy old man in the venue tomorrow.


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