Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Technical thrashers Vektor, with a penchant for things Sci-Fi, are headlining the First Contact Tour on a highly anticipated first European trek. Before this tour they’d only played two European shows one in Italy and the their debut at Hellfest in France. Sunday’s performance, to the now upgraded Underworld in Camden, will be their first appearance on a UK stage.

From Tempe, Arizona, and now residing in Philadelphia, these guys have been a band for over a decade with two albums on the record store shelves for Earache Records. Their third (Terminal Redux) is due in 2016.

Voivod in their progressive period are an obvious comparison, but they probably owe more musically to the technical Floridian death metal of the mid 90’s (Sadus, Atheist and later era Death) overlaid with high pitched vocals. Vektor are also highly capable of writing a four minute rager or a ten minute plus epic.

With this little package actually reaching UK shores for at least one date, 2015 is certainly ending on a high.


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