All Nightmare Long

It’s Metallica… what else do I need to say?

The second single lifted from this years Death Magnetic album has such a weird video to it – plenty of Russians, aliens and Zombies! And yes, this IS the official video for it – not a you tube fan made project!

The video is directed by Roboshobo. It depicts fictional Soviet newsreels about the Tunguska Event back in 1908. Around the impact site from a crashed meteor spores of an unknown species were discovered that can reanimate the dead. The Soviets exploit this as a weapon to turn the tide in a war against nuclear America.

Originally posted on Jukebox 20 

December 11th 2008

Flash Back Friday!!

Was it really seven years ago since I wrote this? Seven long years and still no follow up to Death Magnetic – as I’m assuming we’re all discounting the Lulu collaboration with Lou Reed?

A staple in the bands set between 2008 and 2011 and played a handful of times since. The last time I saw it performed live was at Yankee Stadium in New York when we went to see the Big 4.

I state in the original it’s the second single when in fact it’s the fifth. Three of those though were digital releases, so is it a real single with nothing physical?


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