Wish I Had An Angel

Be prepared for a slew of Nightwish tracks over the next week, the reasoning behind this is to educate my wife a little bit about the band before her “enforced” attendance at Wembley Arena on Saturday. Four tickets were purchased for this show back in February. Peoples priorities can change over the intervening nine months, so rather than go through the hassle of a resale I press-ganged the wife into coming along.

Saturday will be my sixth time seeing these Finnish symphonic melodic metallers playing in the UK. Their first show here was alongside the likes of Paradise Lost, DragonForce and Masterplan on August 30th 2003, where they headlined the third edition of the Bloodstock Festival when it was still held indoors at the Assembly Rooms in Derby, and yes I was there.

The band’s early releases were a lot more power metal influenced, but from the Century Child album released in 2002, they began to utilise then vocalist Tarja Turunen’s soprano vocals more and slowly progressed to the bombastic symphonic metal style that we know today.

The release of the bands fifth album Once in 2004 propelled Nightwish to the next level of popularity, but was also the last album to feature Turunen on vocals. When it was recorded it was the most expensive recording for a Finnish album at the time, I’m guessing the London Philharmonic Orchestra didn’t come cheap?

From the Once album is one of the bands most popular songs Wish I Had An Angel. Even though the single only reached number 60 in the UK charts, it still remains their biggest seller over here. The film clips featured in the video are taken from Christian Slater’s sci-fi horror film Alone In The Dark, which has a massive soundtrack supplied by a whole host of bands from the Nuclear Blast Records stable.



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