Finally moving onto Nightwish Mark III and the arrival of ex After Forever and ReVamp vocalist Floor Jansen from Goirle in Holland.

Olzen’s last UK appearance with the band was at the Download Festival in June 2012 – which was the last time I saw the band.

During their U.S. dates Anette was “let go” in September 2012 after a show in Salt Lake City after being hospitalised the night before, and forced her to miss the Denver show. Floor’s first show was a mere three days later in Portland and the rest as they say is history and she officially joined the ranks in December 2013.

Jansen has only appeared on one studio album to date, 2015’s Endless Forms Most Beautiful which Élan is taken from (obviously). I don’t know why, but I’ve not listened to the album as much as I should have done, something that has be rectified this week in my attempts to brainwash my wife!

For me Saturday will be the first time seeing Floor fronting the band even though they did a few UK dates in November 2012. Listening to the latest album her voice appears to me closer to that of Tarja, so I’m quite looking forward to hearing her do the older stuff.


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