Alison Hell

 Another day done and another day closer to the mayhem that is Christmas subsiding. Today’s in car second track shuffle song is supplied by Canada’s biggest selling heavy metal band Annihilator. 

They could easily be called the Jeff Waters Band or something similar, as nearly 40 band members have been through the doors at Watersound Studios since the bands creation in 1984. Waters himself has played all instruments apart from the drums over the 31 years.  

The first three albums are thrash metal jewels, but for me this Randy Rampage fronted version is my favourite of the lot. Rampage is one of the original members of Canadian hardcore punks D.O.A. and has recorded two albums with Annihilator (Alice In Hell and Criteria For A Black Widow in 1999) but left soon after each was released.  Rampage has quite a distinctive voice and has a style people either love or hate, there appears to be no middle ground with the guy. 

Annihilator are another band I missed out on in their heyday, again through travel problems, and again a band I haven’t seen nearly enough in the intervening years. 

My first time seeing them was 2007 in Wolverhampton when they were supporting Trivium, and they blew them off the stage I have to add. Annihilator’s sound was superb and crystal clear. Trivium came on turned everything to 11 and it sounded uncomfortably distorted. 

2010 should have been my first headline show, but their Birmingham show was cancelled for some reason late in the day. Normally I would have gone to Manchester, but a friend from Walsall was going so we were all due to go together. 

Taken from the album Alice In Hell, released on the same day as my dads birthday in 1989. 


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