The Power Of Love

Merry Christmas.

It’s definitely not a white one here, more of a damp squib and getting milder later. It’d be interesting to experience an Australian Christmas in the heigh of their summer. A high of 23°C (or 74°F) in Sydney today according to my weather app.

Anyway, on to Christmas Day’s tune. I’ve had a soft spot for this Liverpudlian band for over 30 years. I loved their debt single Relax when I heard it on the chart countdown on Radio 1, even though I wasn’t old enough to figure out what the song was about. This was Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s third consecutive number one single in the UK.

Debut album Welcome to the Pleasuredome would rank very highly if I did a list of albums played over the years. That, along with Status Quo’s In the Army, were my first two vinyl purchases I ever made, shortly before my love of metal kicked in.

This song has also become one of those “our tune” kind of songs between the wife and I. We had it played at our wedding way back when and it is one of maybe five songs I have danced to. I don’t dance, or as Genesis put it in 1991 I can’t dance.

Similar to the previously posted Stop the Cavalry, this isn’t a song about Christmas. It has been embraced by the festive hordes due to it’s promotional video that revolves around the nativity scene. That was more to do with its late release in the year (19th November) and record company executives cashing in on the Christmas vibes. For that reason it appears to be pretty rare to hear this song played on the radio between January and October!


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