With a few days of this year left and today being another boring Sunday I thought I’d take a look at some of my favourite releases from they previous 360 days.  They’re not in any kind of order, just how I’ll come across them or what takes my fancy as I sit here with my new Iron Maiden Onkyo headphones on.


First up is the reinvigorated Queensrÿche with Condition Hüman. A welcome return to that classic Queensrÿche sound with Todd La Torre’s second release with the band.  When tracks from this album or the previously released self titled album come up on shuffle I always have to check which release it is to see who’s singing!  As I may have said previously Queensrÿche now sound a lot more like Queensrÿche than the last few albums they released with Geoff Tate.

I ended up buying this CD via the bands pledge / Kickstarter campaign.  To me these campaigns are a great way to feel like you’re involved with the bands and depending on how flush you are with the cash you can contribute as much as you can and receive some superb rewards.  2015 was a barren year for seeing the band as their three UK dates this year clashed with the Bloodstock Festival.  Hopefully next year?



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