Plan Of The Damned

This one sided 7″ single released by Dry Heave Records was the first new music since the band released Obnoxious back in 1990 and they played their last show a year later at the legendary Marquee Club in London.

The first time I saw the band was at Bridge Street Arts Centre here in Newcastle-Under-Lyme on April 23rd 1990.  I wasn’t expecting that single time would be the one and only time I’d get to see the band on stage. With the resurrection of other bands over recent years Acid Reign was always one that people wanted to see, and after much denial a re-booted line up saw the light of day earlier this year. Vocalist ‘H’ is the only original member, but that hasn’t really dulled the enthusiasm for one of the UK’s best thrash bands.

I’ve managed to see half of the bands return shows and there haven’t been many bands that I’ve seen this year that have put as much energy into a live show as this lot.  Really looking forward to seeing them again in March at Hammerfest.



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