Two bands from the metal genre with some of the most fanatical fans released albums this year, so I can’t really not say anything about either.

California thrash behemoth’s Slayer released perhaps their best album according to some in ten to fifteen years – it’s so subjective depending on what era of Slayer you like. Hitting number 11 on the UK album charts it certainly made it the bands most commercially successful release on these shores – their previous best was 1994’s Divine Intervention that reached number 15.

As with all Slayer releases there are plenty of songs about death, destruction, evil, mayhem and the end of the world, you wouldn’t expect anything less and this doesn’t disappoint.

The bands big budget,  blood soaked prison riot video that accompanies this track is most definitely not suitable for work but if you’re a Slayer fan you will lap it up!  The “mini film” was shot at the Sybil Brand Institute (a women’s prison) in East Los Angeles in 100 degree heat and directed by Hatchet III director BJ McDonnell who was also a camera man on blockbusters like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man.

The all star cast is headed up by Danny Trejo (Sons of Anarchy, Hatchet, From Dusk Till Dawn) and bolstering the rioting inmates are actors from some of the most iconic films of recent times – Derek Mears (Predators), Tyler Mane (X-Men and the Halloween reboot) and Tony Moran also from the Halloween reboot, Sean Whalen (Halloween II),  Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2) and Jason Trost (Hatchet III).



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