Golgotha (named after the hill in Jerusalem where Christ was crucified) sees born again Christian Blackie Lawless and his cohorts return with, for me, their strongest album since 1992’s The Crimson Idol, and I though previous album Babylon was good.

According to Lawless himself Miss You from this album was one of the first tracks written for the Idol album, but not used.  when I saw them live earlier in the year and it was played alongside other Crimson Idol material it slotted right in.  When you have an epic set piece like The Idol on the 1992 release it does seem hard to think where Miss You would slot into the running order, but it sure would be interesting to know and slot it in yourself and listen to the previously imagined version.

W.A.S.P. (or should that be Blackie Lawless?) haven’t exactly invented the wheel since their 1980’s and early 1990’s heyday, they’ve just taken a break and come back a bit more focused and released something that they used to be so good at many moons ago.


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