Speed Of Light

One of the most anticipated release this year came from a band who were formed on Christmas Day in East London 40 years ago this year, the legends that are Iron Maiden.

The record had been completed as early as February this year, but not seeing the light of day until September as the band were waiting for front man Bruce Dickinson to fully recover from a cancerous tumour on his tongue.  The Book of Souls is the bands most audacious release to date, clocking in at one hour and thirty-two minutes long it also features the bands longest and most epic track Empire of the Clouds – five seconds over 18 minutes long!  I saw an advert for 1984’s Powerslave  which had the bands previously longest track, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, that had this line on it


If only they had a TARDIS…

I wasn’t overly impressed on first listen to this track on it’s initial release (and being honest the video isn’t all that good, but it’s all they’ve released for the album) but it grew on me over multiple plays.  After listening to the full record it’s most definitely the weakest track on offer, but it’ll go down well live.

So far I only have tickets to see the Book of Souls tour once, but that happens to be at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto in April – almost three months before the band hit the UK for their solitary performance in their home country at 2016’s Download Festival. No doubt I’ll end up being at the festival for their day, it is only 47 miles from my house and I might look into a European date in the new year.


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