I stuck the iPod on shuffle when I went to bed last night just to listen to a bit of music before I dozed off. First band up yesterday was Sleeper. No. Not the Louise Werner fronted Britpop band from the mid 90’s, but the John Lisa fronted mid 90’s melodic hardcore band from Staten Island, NY.

I’m not entirely sure where I first heard the band. I’m thinking I may have listened to their track on the Allied Records compilation Music For The Proletariat, then went and brought the Splinter 7″ also on Allied in 1993, a time when I was heavily into the melodic hardcore thing.

I also recall buying the previous self titled release via an auction ran through Armed With Anger Records from Bradford. It is a limited coloured vinyl and I have copy number two out of 500.

When I did my fanzines at the same time I did an interview through the mail with John Lisa. Way before I had a computer to type up the hand written replies it was all done on a type writer, then cut and pasted into place. Actually, it used to be fun, but ultimately very time consuming and the information would be very quickly outdated.

Those with sharp eyes might have noticed this is Splinter by a band called Serpico. I read an interview years ago that the UK band wanted to keep the name so John Lisa sold them the name and he continued the band under the Serpico banner.


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