It’s So Easy

Well after doing some proper research, rather than just relying on Wikipedia, I don’t need to post the track I was going to do today for another week or so! Say hello to it’s replacement…


Over the last few months there’s been a lot of talk of a reunited and original line up tour for Guns ‘N’ Roses. Yesterday information was “leaked” that the band are due to headline 2016’s Coachella Festival in California. Since the idea first surfaced it was going to be what the fans wanted – the Appetite line up. In reality what people might be getting is a rehashed version of Guns ‘N’ Roses with frontman Axl Rose, the return of originals Slash and Duff. Current G’n’R guitarist Richard Fortus replacing Izzy. All rounded out by either current drummer Frank Ferrer or Steven Adler’s replacement Matt Sorum, so not exactly original or even a classic lineup. No doubt if it happens in any shape or form expect European festivals probably on 2017. 

I’ve never seen the band live under any guise and after the band’s tardiness on their last few tours I don’t know if I would pay good money to see this nearly classic line up. 

Appetite For Destruction remains one of my favourite albums and one of the strongest debuts released. To me every track from one through to twelve is a great song and all could have been released as singles. It covers all the bases too. You’ve got the radio friendly tracks, a few cigarette lighters in the air ballads and some short sharp punky numbers which garnered them the tag as “the most dangerous band in the world” at the time. 

My introduction to the band was seeing the video to Welcome to the Jungle on the music video show The Power Hour. Narrowing down a favourite changes almost weekly. So for today my favourite track from the album is the sweary It’s So Easy – but this is an edited version so no need to turn the volume down at your work station! 



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