Youth Gone Wild

It hasn’t taken the conspiracy theorists long to dissect breaking news from yesterday that Skid Row vocalist Tony Harnell has quit the band less than a year after joining. So obviously Sebastian Bach is returning to the fold, almost two decades after leaving the band, AND they’ll be supporting the latest incarnation of Guns ‘N’ Roses. Let’s watch this space shall we.

I’ve seen Skid Row a few times and Sebastian Bach too, but never on a stage together. In hindsight I’d loved to have seen them alongside L.A. Guns and Love/Hate in 1991, but again that was scuppered by transport issues. By their next headline visit in 1995 I was more immersed in the hardcore scene. If I knew what I know now and I had a time machine I would be at so many more gigs!

Like Appetite For Destruction their self titled debut is another really strong offering and another personal favourite, but compared to Guns ‘N’ Roses they followed it up with the superb, and much heavier, Slave to the Grind. I remember buying that in my first year at college.

I’ve dabbled with fanzines since I was at school, so sometime around 1989 was my first attempt. I didn’t know how or where to get interviews from so my first “issue” featured a Skid Row interview “borrowed” from a chat that appeared on a local radio station’s rock show (thank you Paul Anthony!). I didn’t have a typewriter at the time so it was all transcribed by playing and rewinding a cassette tape copious times and scrawled out by hand on my mothers living room floor. Needless to say it never saw the light of day

I really don’t like it when I just pick something at random to ramble on about as picking a track to offer you is too hard!! The link below has changed at least half a dozen times so far. I’ve settled on my introductory song to the band from the debut release – and my fingers are crossed the iPod shuffle spits some more Skid Row out sooner rather than later.


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