For Whose Advantage?

Coming back home to Albion our mini worldwide jaunt is rounded off by a quick drive up the M6 from Manchester airport for Leyland’s Xentrix (in homage to Lynyrd Skynyrd – pronounced Zen-Trix) who were touted in the British metal press as our answer to Metallica, and they are much more than their Ghostbuster’s cover! The UK thrash scene in general never took off as much as some of their foreign counterparts, in either popularity by fans outside of our borders or indeed the sheer number of bands being spewed out in some places, but it was our modest scene all the same.

I’m thinking the first time I heard the band was with their track No Compromise that was featured alongside The Almighty, Little Angels and Vain on a 7″ given away with Metal Hammer magazine in 1989, and to this day it still remains favourite track by the band.

I was on the mailing list of Roadrunner Records for my fanzine by the time the subsequent album came out and I probably got my first version of the 1990 For Whose Advantage? release on a cassette tape with just a plain black and white typed inlay.

It would be a couple of more years before I got to see the band live (again the scourge on a non driving family) on July 12th 1993 on what would turn out to be their last set of shows until two lukewarm reformation shows in 2006. As of 2013 the band, boasting three quarters from the Roadrunner era, have been back and going from strength to strength with a new album imminent and a healthy dose of live shows. A track from the new record was played after their set on the brief run they had with Acid Reign in tow, and it sounded a real return to form.



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