Live Arena 2016.1


Welcome to the New Year! It feels like such a long time ago since I saw Nightwish in London and I thought it was going to be longer still until my debut gig of 2016. Fortunately I’ve come across a couple of local shows over the next seven days so that’s an added bonus. 

Thursday 7th – The Rigger, Newcastle – under – Lyme
A local metalcore band formed long before the term was coined by a stack of nearly death metal bands who listened to hardcore! Reformed after a long hiatus, this will be my first time seeing them second time around. 

Saturday 9th – The Underground, Hanley
Originally I was going to see Scott Ian’s other band Motor Sister, but that tour has been cancelled. Local boiler suit clad band Fallen are playing up Hanley, so I might pop along. Never heard them, but one of their members works at a shop where I deliver, and he assures me they put on a bit of a visual show. 

An Ambiguous reason at best!



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