New Direction


I’m guessing a logical place to begin with the Gorilla Biscuits would be with the Gorilla Biscuits themselves?

Formed by three friends in a Long Island high school simply through their appreciation of Agnostic Front.  As all hardcore kids in New York City appeared to do they formed a band.  The nameless band were invited to play a show arranged by Token Entry and came up with a temporary band name before the show. A popular sedative drug at the time was Quaaludes, nicknamed gorilla biscuits due to it’s size – the temporary name stuck!

It’s amazing to see a band that only released one 7″ single and a “full length” album, both combined only totals 35 minutes or so in length, could be so influential and still relevant nearly a quarter of a century after their initial split.

Obviously I missed their early UK shows (which to those I know who were there are now etched in the memory banks as legendary), but a reformed version played a few select dates over here in 2007 and I was lucky enough to see them twice. I’m actually not sure who did vocal duties on those shows now, Civarelli or Schreifels?  Later this year I have a ticket for one of two shows announced for London. I’m hoping I can sort myself out for their Sunday night headlining slot on the Together Fest at the Electric Ballroom in March.

There were most definitely no MTV videos for the majority of the NYHC bands back then, so this live video of New Direction is taken form their appearance at the Black ‘n’ Blue Bowl (a punk and hardcore festival held annually in NYC) on 28th May 1991, and is originally the opening track to the full length release Start Today. The video shows perfectly the camaraderie of hardcore shows that all to often doesn’t appear to be their now.




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