Obviously after Gorilla Biscuits the only place I can go now is to Walter’s next band the post hardcore Quicksand. My introduction into the band was buying the re-released CD single released by Polydor Records for Omission from the second hand bin on another college lunch time, music buying shopping trip.

The track first appeared on the self titled debut 7″ single released by Revelation Records within months of the Gorilla Biscuits’ demise and again it resurfaced on Quicksand’s inaugural major label debut Slip.

I think 1995 was their trip to the British Isles when they were special guests to The Offspring, I saw them twice on this tour, then they returned for some headline shows with Stanford Prison Experiment in tow a few moths afterwards and I paid £5 for a ticket to see them at the Boardwalk in Manchester.

It would be 19 years until I got to see them again. They did play the Reading and Leeds festivals in 2013, but there just wasn’t enough on the bill for me to justify parting with the best part of £100 for a day ticket. They were announced for the third stage at Download 2014 and the night prior to that they played a one off show in London, and that definitely wasn’t a fiver to get in! The day they played the festival also had a line up that interested me – The Offspring performing Smash in full, Within Temptation, Letlive,Tesla and Bad Religion.


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