Fourteen months without stepping foot in The Rigger and it looks like I’ll end up in there twice within 26 hours!

Last night I was in there to watch the rather impressive Headpress do their thing. It’s a shame so many people decided to bail so quickly after Construct’s debut gig beforehand, but Headpress soldiered on. So tight and powerfully heavy, slightly let down by the venues PA system.

Whilst in there I saw posters for Rammlied who are playing there tonight. For those of you unaware who they are, they are the self professed number 1 Rammstein tribute act in the UK. Well I like Rammstein and I have no work to get up for tonight so why not take a punt on a tribute band? It’s only a fiver so it’s not as if I’ve shelled out a small fortune.


I’ve never been big on tribute acts (here comes the sarcasm of “but you saw Slayer last year…” Just get over it!) I might have paid to see three before tonight. A Bon Jovi act right across the road from where I’ll be later and that was well over 15 years ago. A rock covers band maybe a decade ago and the last one being Mentallica – a Metallica tribute – in the very same venue in 2014.

Tribute bands have been around for as long as I’ve been going to shows. On the one hand they’re a cheap option in comparison to the artist that they are paying homage to, but it is (well when I was more on the know it was) a highly lucrative venture.

The venues knew that putting a Bon Jovi act one night wound draw a healthy crowd to the venue for a few quid and sell them copious amounts of beer. Once some of the clones knew it was such a money spinner their fee’s began to go through the roof as a result. The local Bon Jovi act who were around almost twenty years ago could command in excess of £1,000 at certain times of the year. Not a bad return for learning to playing someone else’s songs, which is where my problems stemmed from. Hard working original bands struggled to pull decent crowds one night, the next a copy band would play, charge more and the place would be significantly fuller.

Anyway, rant over – I’ll save venue promotion for another day!! As I can’t find any reasonable quality footage of Rammlied here’s how Sonne performed by Rammstein, should sound.


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