I Hate Everything About You

Well last night’s proposed gig attendance was a bust, so much for thinking  I could shake off a 102° fever in little over 48 hours.  Onwards and upwards to the next one.

Wednesday (hopefully) sees a trip 35 miles north to Manchester to see Ontario natives Three Days Grace perform for the first time. Considering it’s a band that have been around since 2003, and I have been listening to them off and on for a decade or so, there have been very few opportunities to see the band live in this country.  Prior to this visit I can only see four previous shows over here.  Two were back in 2004 then a ten year void until an appearance in London and their last performance here was at the 2015 Download Festival – which I didn’t attend.

Not really surprising that many bands have never played here too often considering the poor publicity many “alternative rock / metal” bands seem to garner.  Possibly the biggest band to emerge from this generation are fellow Canadian’s Nickelback and look how derided they are, especially with UK music fans. I can’t recall hearing Three Days Grace played on national day time radio – the be all end all for a bands popularity here, apparently. Nor have I ever heard Breaking Benjamin, Finger Eleven or Collective Soul played on the radio or receive any recognition from the printed media, not while I was still contributing my hard earned cash to the bank balance of Kerrang! magazine every week anyway.

I got into a lot of these bands in the mid 2000’s when the wife and I went to the United States and Canada every year between 2004 and 2009.  We like the Hard Rock Cafe’s (we have been to more than 70 different locations) and the North American cafes interspersed a lot of the newer alternative rock  music between the principal videos at the time.

Sitting at the bar chatting away and watching one of the multiple screens, a song like I Hate Everything About You would come up and I’d think “this is good.” After more visits and more rotations of the songs I’d eventually make a note of it on my phone and try and track down the songs when I got home.  It opened up a whole new world of music to me. Sometimes though too much alcohol would have been involved and often it was more fun trying to decipher what had been typed!



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