Take It Back


Well it feels like this blog has been a bit neglected in the last few days, so let’s try and put that right for the next week shall we?

Tonight the wife and I are off to the Academy 2 in Manchester to see a sold out show by London based blues rockers The Temperance Movement. Tonight will be our third time seeing the band on stage, and the first time since they played locally in 2013.  Saskatoon band The Sheepdogs are supporting and they’ll be a new one for me, I’ve never heard them until 8pm or so tonight.

Within three years of forming the band managed to snag a support slot opening up for the Rolling Stones for a few shows in Europe in 2014. Their second album, White Bear, was released a few weeks ago and it’s a great listen. It seems a bit surreal seeing the Earache Records logo on their releases when you remember that they are on the same label that has released music by the likes of Morbid Angel, Deicide, Napalm Death and Carcass. In more recent years though the label has diversified a bit by working with bands the like The Temperance Movement, Blackberry Smoke and Rival Sons, but still having their hand in with the extreme side of the music business.

We both got into the band seemingly at the same time, mainly through constant plays of their track Only Friend on a rock radio station.  My wife said she quite liked them – which surprised me! I had a look online and they were playing The Ruby Lounge, again in Manchester, a few weeks later and tickets were booked immediately.

I can’t really recall a great deal about the show as we’d had a pretty eventful and forgettable trip to Crewe train station prior to the show. The Stoke show was a sweaty affair as the venue had us all packed into the place like sardines.  Hopefully tonight will be more comfortable and trouble free affair.



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