Keepers Of The Faith

Let’s see if I can complete my aim of three posts in the next 24 hours before I attend my latest show.

First up are tomorrow nights headliners in Manchester, Los Angeles based hardcore band Terror. I’ve been listening to frontman Scott Vogel’s bands since his Slugfest and Despair days, so over 20 years now.

I saw the Vogel fronted Despair three times in the summer of 1997 when I followed Stampin’ Ground for a long weekend of hardcore goodness. My car companions and I had a few nights sleeping in the car or under the stars as we attended shows in Germany – Wuppertal and Cologne – and a festival that should have been headlined by Hatebreed in Dilsen, Belgium.

Between Despair and Terror forming in 2005 there was also Buried Alive – who I never got to see.

Considering the band have played over 30 shows in British venues since 2005 I have yet to see the band live. A high percentage of those shows have been in London, when they’ve played north of the capital I’ve either had another show arranged or the touring route has completely gone around the North West and the Midlands.

I’m quite looking forward to tomorrow evenings hour long set of Vogel-isms. It’s going to be an intense 60 minutes of short and punchy tunes and another show with no barrier where they can elevate the maximum stagedive potential.


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