Fire & Damnation

Yet another band I was listening to when I was still in school have released new music more than a quarter of a century after I entered into the grown up world! Today saw the release of German thrashers Exumer’s fourth album The Raging Tides.

I got the two mid 80’s Exumer albums on a TDK D-90 whilst at school via the world of tape trading and I’ve liked the band ever since. They split up the year after I left school in 1991, so I only had the 18 songs to tide me over for what I assumed was the foreseeable future, and seeing the band was going to be a pipe dream.

Fast forward to 2012 and the re-activated band with two original members, guitarist Ray Mensh and Possessed By Fire vocalist Mem V. Stein, released the blistering Fire & Damnation.

Now back as an ongoing concern I waited in anticipation for my chance to see them on the stage. Living in the UK I knew I’d have to travel at some point to see them and indeed I did in March 2013 when I travel to see the first of a quarter of European Exumer shows in Switzerland.

I plumped for the gig in Lucerne’s Konzerthaus Schüür as fellow German bands Scanner and Vendetta were also on the bill. I was pretty surprised and disappointed by the crowd in attendance – very thin on the floor – but Mem and the boys (and the other bands) were all superb that night. Separated by the English Channel we’ve always heard and read about the thousands of fans that attend every metal show in every city all over Europe. They weren’t out on that particular evening.

I’ve been to quite a few places in the last 20 years or so, but I’ve not been anywhere quite as expensive as Switzerland was, but Lucerne is a lovely city to visit.

I nearly got to see them again later that year when they were announced as support to Onslaught on a fairly long Euro tour with a sprinkling of UK dates. For what ever reason Exumer pulled out of the whole jaunt. Finally they hit the island for two shows with Venom off shoot M-Pire of Evil and what should have been ex-Sabbat vocalist Martin Walkyier fronting Italians Elvenking for a set of Skyclad tunes, but that went awry due to financial issues.


I went to the Birmingham show with maybe 30 others. Yet again another abysmal turn out, but the shambles of the organisation beforehand never helped. Once again though Exumer were on point.

Earlier this week they started a 14 date run through mainland Europe with Greek band Exarsis. I’m a bit miffed I couldn’t get to it, but every city I could fly into didn’t fall on a weekend and I’m rapidly running out of holidays for this year, and the only one I could possibly do is the night before I fly to Dublin to see Suicidal Tendencies. Typical.


I really do hope they get chance to come over again with a proper tour or even play a festival like Hammerfest or Bloodstock where they’d be welcomed with open arms.



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