Angel Of Death


Another birthday for today…

Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman would have been 52 today.

Taken from 1986’s Reign In Blood, Angel Of Death (even though it is shrouded in much controversy) is probably Slayer’s most popular song with their fans.  If it was put out to a poll I’m sure there would be lots of votes for song x, y or z.  But having seen the band play this song almost twenty times live it is THE song that unites the crowd into a swirling mass of sweat, flailing arms and hair – well not as much hair as there used to be.


Any band that writes a song with Auschwitz’s chief physician Josef Mengele as it’s main protagonist are surly going to get the inevitable negative press and accusations of being Nazi sympathisers and racists.  Half the band at the time were made up with a Cuban and a Chilean, makes perfect sense to racist then!


(January 31, 1964 – May 2, 2013)




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