I couldn’t resist two of these posts today that are in celebration of a pair of records released today that received many plays during my formative years, especially this slab of 12″ vinyl.

First up it’s Iron Maiden again. Their second album Killers was released on this day in the UK in 1981. The United States had to wait until June. It was the last album to feature Paul Di’Anno on vocals, before we got the Maiden sound that we know and love today.

Killers was also one of the first pieces of heavy metal vinyl that I purchased, and I’ve not looked back, regretted it or been embarrassed by my musical taste ever since. You would be pretty surprised back then (and sometimes even in 2016) how many people would comment that you liked heavy metal and how it’s a fad. For nearly three decades this music has taken me to places I might not have though if visiting, given me memories that will last forever and I have met some great people who will be friends when we all get our free bus passes.

One thing I’d like to do with this blog is look at some if the artists that created the artwork that adorns millions of pieces of vinyl, cassette tapes and compact discs and even more black T-shirts, with an occasional white one or red one thrown into the wash basket.  The creator and interpreter of so many Iron Maiden covers, Derek Riggs, would certainly be an artist to showcase, especially his non Maiden work.

This live recording was taken from the Live at the Rainbow VHS tape. The concert was recorded towards the end of 1980 and this version of the song is slightly different to the one that would be recorded for the record. According to legend, some of the lyrics for Killers were written backstage five minutes before show time.

Happy 35th birthday to Killers.


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