Sick Boy

Sitting at home watching the football scores come through via the TV, a phone app, and friends who support the opposing team, tonight isn’t going well for my team, so here’s another post.

The second wave of UK punk bands started to form after being influenced by the original bands such as the Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Dammed in the last few years of the 70’s. Often referred to as street punk or UK82, they took the sound of those before them but added heavy drum beats, distorted guitars and lyrically had a much more bleak outlook than their predecessors. Their image was often more akin to what you’d think punks looked like, studded leather jackets, colourful soaped mohawks, tartan bondage trousers…

To give them their original full name, Charged GBH emerged from the streets of the UK’s second city Birmingham in 1978. They released their debut album City Baby Attacked by Rats in 1982 on Clay Records located 48 miles up the M6, here in Stoke on Trent. The label was home for local band Discharge.

The core trio of Colin, Jock and Ross have all been together since day one. Even though they’ve not released any new music since 2010 they still ply their trade worldwide 38 years into their career.

I’ve seen the band quite a few times live, often with members of the band in various states of intoxication! One show, might have been the Que Club in Birmingham, Jock actually fell off the stage. It’s been a long time since I last saw them, so something else that needs to be rectified.

Sick Boy was featured on their debut album. Slayer also covered the track for their Undisputed Attitude release. If you want to hear it follow this link.


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