Well I’ve just got back from watching Deadpool at the cinema. It’s very very good and very funny, predominantly with a dark sense of humour.

In contrast, this fine tomorrow I’ll be on my way home after seeing Suicidal Tendencies support Slipknot at the Genting Arena in Birmingham. They are the sole reason I’m attending this show in the huge cattle shed.

As it’s late I’ll keep this short. I’m not sure if this is the first video I saw by the band on MTV or Trip At The Brain, but as I’m seeing them twice in three days you’ll be treated to the other video over the weekend. Maybe.

Institutionalized is taken from the bands 1983 self titled debut release and was the first crossover (a hardcore and metal hybrid) videos to gain airplay on MTV when they did actually play music videos, who knew?

Keep your eyes peeled for an appearance by Slayer growler Tom Araya in the video. Thirteen years later Slayer would include a version of Memories of Tomorrow, also taken from the album that Institutionalized is featured on, when they released Undisputed Attitude.



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