Crippled & Broken

Tomorrow night, or maybe Friday yet – still figuring out my transport options, I’ll be out watching Montreal natives Kataklysm destroy a venue, somewhere in England, with their devastating Northern hyperblast death metal.

Death metal certainly isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, even the various strains within the confines of the genre don’t suit all. Take this tour as an example. You have three international bands playing, headlined by these comparatively melodic Quebecers along side a Greek symphonic death metal band with a Belgian based brutal death metal band with seemingly random screeches and grunts as vocals! Three sub genres all in one evening. I personally prefer the less chaotic and “groovier” side of the coin where the vocals are almost intelligible. Slower death metal is better, but the next guy, or girl, will prefer the relentless onslaught of blast beats performed by another band.

Kataklysm have been around for a long time now and have released twelve studio albums in their 25 year tenure and still going strong. The record that this track is from, In the Arms of Devastation, is a few days shy of being a decade old.

They’ve visited these shores on a pretty regular basis since 2004 and has the years have progressed the tours appear to have got longer. I first saw them perform pretty early on the third day at 2008’s Bloodstock Festival. It was the year Swedish band At The Gates were going to play their last UK date as part of a limited reunion tour, in 2016 they’re still here! It didn’t start out a bad day, but the heavens opened during Overkill’s set (I think) and by the end of the evening I was absolutely saturated, freezing cold and ready to go home.


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