Sucker For Punishment


Saturday morning will see me rising early, pretty much like 40 Saturdays throughout the calendar year so nothing new there.  But tomorrow I’ll be heading to Manchester airport to jump on a short flight at 7am to Rotterdam, to then catch a train to take me to my hotel in Eindhoven before I take a second, shorter train trip to back on myself to Tilburg for the Netherlands Deathfest, being held at the  Poppodium 013 venue .  Thankfully the flight home is direct from our base in Eindhoven.

A bit of a long winded process I know, but trust me there is reasoning behind it all! There are no direct flights from the north of England on a Saturday to Eindhoven or indeed Tilburg where there is no airport, so it was to go out Friday or travel via Rotterdam or Amsterdam. Our hotel is in Eindhoven as there are very few beds in Tilburg and the few there are sold out aeons ago.  So now you know.

The Netherlands Deathfest is a bit too much on the death metal, black metal and power violence side of things for my complete liking, but over the two out of three days that I’m in attendance there will be several gems to be unearthed. Dutch death metal bands Thanatos and Asphyx are performing, as are Oakland death metal legends Autopsy.  Those three bands are extremely rare visitors to these shores.  Florida’s Gruesome play what I believe is their first European show so there’s another gem right there.  Also I get another opportunity to see Entrails ply their late 90’s inspired Gothenburg death metal, this time to more than a few dozen people.

On Saturday , around 6pm, the band of the day, and fingers crossed the weekend, are Canadians Razor, probably the most thrash metal of the 55  bands on offer.  I’ve liked Razor for quite some time but never had the chance to see them live, so a short hop across the Channel was a bit of a no brainer.

Formed 33 years ago I don’t think these Guelph,  Ontario veterans have made it over to British soil in their on off career, so that was something to tempt me even more into the land of the Euro and cheese with holes in.  Friends older than I have a vague memory of them possibly supporting fellow Canadians Exciter in the early 1980’s, but so far I’ve found no evidence of  Mike Campagnolo and his cohorts receiving a stamp at the UK border.

My favourite Razor track is Miami taken from 1990’s Shotgun Violence release but there is no video for that.  Sucker For Punishment is taken from the following album, 1991’s Open Hostility.





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