My Corpse Shall Rise


Bringing the Netherlands Deathfest main stage to a suitable end on Sunday evening is Oakland’s Autopsy, and with a name like that you’re not going to get any ballads or songs about rainbows and unicorns.

They formed way back in 1987 and released their first album, Severed Survival, on the Peaceville Records label in 1989.  I can’t recall the whole story or remember who it involved, but I had some kind of test pressing or rejected t-shirt featuring the Severed Survival art work from a friend at school.  I think one of their parents worked at the place where the shirts were being printed, as I recall it having another bands logo on the back or sleeve.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I still have it in a big black bin liner of shirts that I’ve shoved up in our roof space. One day I’ll send my other half up there to get it down.

I never got to see them live first time around – those dark days of 1990 when I’d just left school and had to rely on those bus things! When Bolt Thrower announced the inaugural  (and so far only) free charity concert in London in 2012 it was a pleasant surprise to have Autopsy as special guests, a band who hadn’t played the UK for 22 years. Admittedly they had split up for nearly 15 years, but their appearance was something that many had been waiting for with baited breath.

This track was taken from The Tomb Within EP, their first release of new music since 1995 and the video clip for My Corpse Shall Rise is the bands first promo.




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